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WBM consolidate with Singapore Based initiative capturing $217 Trillion Industry worldwide!

In a recent survey, the total size of real estate industry estimated to be around $217 Trillion, which is approximately 40X times bigger than Gold, Diamonds, Jewels or any other industry combined. While in a recent years, construction & real estate developers has hit hardest, due to ever-changing governing laws & change in a particular lifestyle making difficult for the buyers to purchase their dream property.

Majority of the people still believes real estate as a raw investment as, it has been rewarded the investors with strong returns in a world of falling interest rates and established business models. The positive outlook for the global economy is an encouraging sign that the rewards will continue for some time to come. Anticipating the real estate problem revolving globally, WBM furnished & unveil latest technology named “WBM – 6D Proptech” claiming to be much larger than Oracle, SAP or all the construction technologies combined ever produced.

“Due to some trouble-some consequence, risk management has become increasingly important, while at the same time changing human behavior and new technology are transforming the nature of real estate, not just as an investment class but as a product or service we use or consume” Says WBM Ex-Founder Mr. Dhruv Williams

He added that “The financial crisis & troublesome market has affected the industry to a larger extent, including lower leverage and less apparent risk of oversupply. But there is a new “over-supply” challenge, which comes from the vast legacy stock of assets and fast-changing use of real estate. However, with use of WBM – 6D Proptech the entire industry will be able to save 38.6% of the entire Cost & help to mend their changing business model”

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Yudhistr - Award Winning GOI Civil Engineer, the brainchild behind the product “It actually took me almost a decade to build this entire product, with almost 105+ team of developers globally tried their hands in building this massive product. 6D is a kind of disruptive technology that might change the face of entire industry”

“6D address the challenging times for an industry that must somehow strike the right balance between risk management, innovation and cost saving channel without comprising on the infrastructure quality”

There is a massive need to embrace disruptive technology and business practices which is more acute than ever, because real estate is raw at the moment. Majority of the people / investors agrees on a crucial point about the sector’s evolution, and those companies unwilling or unable to embrace the disruptive change faces higher risk of failure & being permanently left behind.

One of the two major reasons to use this technology is.

1) Huge amounts of capital are flowing into the sector, and it will flow to the companies that can use technology to give themselves even the smallest edge they will be able to save huge margin.

2) While on the other hand real estate developers, investors or any other stake holder will need to utilize any means necessary to improve performance of assets – and maintain performance during the crisis

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