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Initial Prologue of Extraterrestrial Human (A Part of Rothschild series)

‘Rothschild series’ is all about replacing a failed minds & stereotypes, who heavily relies on trying to prove what is societal right or wrong. It’s all about the socio-political establishment revolving in our tiniest mind, who lives in a wrong illusion who believes with a blaming attitude that our government is only corrupt, who have failed to solve this country’s problems miserably while the west media has depicted as a country’s potential as a horrible global joke and turned into one of the rapists & hate mongering stinkiest nation that ever existed..! The few financial & media corporations in India are funded & exist, who protect & enrich for itself. For those who control this paid people partner up with them, to make them aware this country’s betterment is not in your best interest. This book will see a ‘True communal existential threat’ that you have never ever experienced by any Indian author before. It will be a true state of torturous existence who relies on showing the exemplary stories based on love, nepotism, feminism & lastly the corruption….. The word, you blatantly say without even thinking twice!

It’s a not simply a book rolling down the pages believing that what will be written will be in a good spirit of optimism or ‘Happy Ending’ type, it's a crossroad in the history of Indian civilization that will determine that whether the common people still lives in a junkyard of nepotism and who have lost a control over their emotions; What they see is what they believe on their precious social media accounts or on Idiot box claiming that getting news enriching their current knowledge. There are several social + political groups in our society, who are the same group of people who that are trying to stop the hard work & innovation lying inside you, that has left our brains dry..Shamefully dead!!.

The enormous wealth from the handful of people has brought this country to massive destruction, who flew to some American, European & Scandinavian countries for job & special interest. This stupid attitude of ours has made the other people believe that money is the only fortune in our relationships or in life goals, that stripped this country naked in terms of innovation and capabilities. They are the one who puts their parents hard earned money into the pockets of a few handful of other rich people.

This book is a struggle for the survival of this nation & this will be the last chance to determine that whether we are really independent or still lives in a society of an illusion of democracy in our so called finest intelligent mind and biased soul, but the fact, we are controlled by this handful of rich people … Our thinking is rigged, we are rigged & everybody around you is rigged…

This is reality… A hateful reality

Because you know it, they know it & infact the whole world knows it!

A book that will help you to judge, what is right & wrong

Order a book that captivates your mind, soul & body

(100% disagreement guaranteed)

Available on:

Learn to control your emotions in a Torturous way… ever existed” :Extra Terrestrial Human

Authored by:

Mr. Dhruv Williams

“Your jealousy, rage & undue interference strictly determines you are still an ordinary & undeveloped mind corrupting the society, sacrificing the organizational goals, relationship with the different sets of people & shamefully your own life’s worth ”

– Dhruv Williams

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