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Mobile App or Responsive Website? Now check, which one is better for you:

Probably, one of the most serious debates we have ever heard, that how ‘Mobile App’ can act as a serious game changer for your business? and Yes..!!

It surely does help if you have serious doubt about it, If you have ever read about the success stories of ‘Wattpad’ & ‘WhatsApp’. You will surely come to know the tremendous scope of building an App is & what are its financial benefits . This surely looks good fundamentally, but we will highlight you how it affects your business technically, However there is a major difference between the two, which we need to find out first.

In a recent years, due to enormous competition making a website is as crucial as mobile web design. While in certain case, making a mobile App is a kind of secondary option to many. But If we look at the revenue factor of both this components, I must say ‘Mobile App’ is surely winning the game right now. In a general sense, a mobile website is nothing but a website based on your mobile phone, which has limited set of features. They are specially designed with Responsive or Adaptive themes, it can actually gather the traffic but only limited for the information purpose. While in comparison with the functionality of Mobile App, they operates in a different level. They are not only based on informative Apps, but also on the customer usability & convenience.

Both these Approaches have a several inherent cons as well as advantages. Its upto the business owners what & how they can accomplish their goals & objectives:

Responsive Web Design:

Now a days, if you build any of the website on any of the web languages; they do come with the mobile web designs. Some are responsive, some are not but they do works on mobile phone. After the year 2010, they were was a huge semantic shift of the people using mobile phone rather than using their desktop. That has resulted into higher Click Ratio but still a mobile website have a lower market share as compared to desktop. Building a responsive website do take a lot of time, but overall the people don’t prefer much. For instance, A finance guy or a trader will never ever involve them in business by looking Responsive web design; but in a similar case if the Mobile App is an efficient they might engage them in the business activities.

However, if you are planning to build your website you need to have an SEO too. In a certain sense, if you ask any professional view they will suggest to build a responsive website; unless it is purely based on informative one.

Apart from having limited functionality these actually take long time to load irrespective of net speed or loading time being slow or fast. However, it still depends on the connectivity issue

Mobile App Development:

According to a recent survey published by Apple Mobile division, there are 1.2 million Apps registered alone in the year 2015 – 16, as compared to last year with a rise of whopping 42% alone . In fact, the numbers doesn’t alone states the fact but there is 200% of rise in revenue through mobile Apps business. Whether you download Facebook, Pokemon Go, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc everything on Mobile Apps, while in fact it gives the flawless functionality. I will Highlight you the certain basic sectors where the mobile App is mostly used:

  • Interconnection Activity

  • Gaming

  • Regular Usage

  • Periodical Usage like Booking, instant Registration

  • Complex Calculations

  • Indicators or Alerts like Road Map, Stock Alerts, Recent News, etc

In addition to this, I would like to highlight how it can actually benefits your business.

The App is slightly expensive as it needs a separate developer, who needs to create a design based on several operating system. However, if you consider in the terms of speed, agility and exploring the business the mobile Apps they are far more superior than the Mobile Responsive web design.

Which is the Right Approach for you?

Well everything depends on your business goals, in fact there is no preferable answer. If the resource allows you, then I must definitely suggest you to go for mobile app. Because the responsive Web Design only acts for optimal viewing across several mobile screen size, while on the other hand Mobile Apps have much deeper functionality that provides a better user experience.

However, don’t blindly follow the trend but infact analyse better alternative & a strong approach; What seems to be more beneficial for your business? considering the budget & functionality.

“If you like the wind on your face and want to get to a place fast, the bike will be you choice, right? If you like to travel with friends and carry heavy luggage, the car might fit better”.

About the Author:

Mr. Scott Stander, An Avid Reader of Technology books, Strong Rugby player & Marketing Gig. You can follow him via Twitter or can connect him on Linkedin to get a better insight of Mobile App Development. Prior joining WBM team, he have worked in germany for 4 years

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