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Why offshore web development is better option for you?

When you heard word “offshore“ there is a high probability then you might engage or stop the conversation indeed .. but however I have a different view towards this scenario. Today, I will be mentioning about some grave reasons why actually corporate prefer going offshore:

As being traveled across the country, I have seen lot of disguise in American Paradise. Of course the global economy has shrugged as today the youths are routing for entrepreneurship way right from the high school but still the cost remains the prime factor that’s the reason why youths are still demotivated to start their own company however I still agree on one aspect that today, the people want to save cost without compromising on the desired quality. Undoubtedly, We the Americans stands out to be one of the prime faces in digital world. Hence the quality & soberness is in our blood.

Being one of the Psychologist and avid business mind reader whereby I can conclude there are two things, business people like the most:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI)

  2. Prescribed Quality

However the clients have their certain preference over the website designs. They need to be orderly customize as per their requirement. However what I have seen in last couple of years American or European web design agencies are not customer friendly as they don’t opt out for customized web designs. If they really choose to work onshore, They might probably have a very high rate for customize web designing & also the time factor is slightly what the clients do complain sometimes.

Now moving to this article will try to figure what makes the company to offshore their work. However I will not try to be generic but very much specific as I have seen cases are much reality: that how some people who actually benefited by offshoring their work

Though I am not kind of pure statistician but however I have seen some true numbers that makes you understand the benefits of offshore development in a numeric way:

However if we have a thorough glance on the above picture we will come to know how the offshoring web related work can helps you. However I will try to make something interesting stuff for to you understanding the benefits.

If you seriously think, the offshore development work can reduce you time & cost then definitely you can read more with your own risk & Recommendation:

  1. Nurture Your time:

It is generally said that time is equal to money. So if you think wasting time doesn’t cost you much then you probably in a wrong notion. Just wasting a single man hours over a single websites can cost you how much? Of course I am talking the time resources although we will be covering the money aspect on a later stage. We are not going to opt out for the company who gives the time limit extended with our desired time frame. This means a subsequent loss of time along with the wastage of several resources.

  1. Achieve Rapid Improvement:

However it’s a common human behavior that any people who want to achieve the best with engaging ratio inhabitant with the low cost. In a similar instance I can say offshoring the web development can actually prove much more beneficial for you.

So how actually this thing going to work.

However the above picture is based on common output that how actually the growth can be measured in a certain way.

  1. Offshore Innovation:

My this sentence doesn’t mean a comparison between the two countries developers or designers.But it Means if your offshore your web development work then definitely I can assure you the innovation & creativity factor. You should know that there is always an exceptions, but still I must agree that why the people are choosing offshore, the reason is Innovation factor.

2. Cheap Labour:

Now this is one of the prime reason the developed countries offshore their work to most developing countries because of the cheap labour cost. Talking about the web designers I will try to plot the cost per region.

Now from the above rates I am sure I don’t want to add something further the statement is much clear as water. Hence, the Business people will prefer going offshore because the amount of flexibility & cheap labour it provides.

If you agree on a part of offshoring your web development work then there will be certain FAQs you need to ask yourself that how? And whom? I am going to work with. In this regards without any bias I will list out what several question you need to figure:

  1. Is this company is registered in a jurisdiction where they are operating?

  2. Do they really have any project Manager Based in US? In any case if my project calls out for any discrepancies.

  3. Which are the previous project in the past done by this company?

  4. Are they really giving the value of money based on satisfaction of their work?

  5. What is the USP of this company?

  6. How they are actually different from the other competitors?

How to choose a right offshore partner?

Now this will be something we all will be waiting I know the above FAQs has actually cleared your notion but still I want to be more specific how actually we can choose a pure offshore partner:

  • Focus on Quality:

If you have decided to offshore your web development work then the most crucial task for you will be that:

  • Do their previous projects have delivered the quality?

  • What is the response of their clients towards their work?

  • Are they really satisfied or not? If not then why?

So according to my observation I feel that while going offshore the clients doesn’t mean they have to suffer on quality aspect of their work.

  • Compare cost:

Whenever you offshore your web development work you has to bear in mind that you are not the alone who is doing this stuff there are other millions of company out there who work in the same arena. Some are newly or highly experienced that provides much better services. Hence you always need to better optimized the market trend in order to be a market leader.

  • Has they delivered the project on time?

Now coming to the main aspect of a business, Has their delivered projects completed on time? If yes then what was their time frame ? This are the basic questions that any of the clients requires while going for offshore development work. Acoording to survey conducted by LSE, almost 43% of clients gets dissatisfied due to delay in quality of work. Hence it always important to follow an accurate time line.


Meanwhile if you have decided to offshore your web development work then I will suggest my viewers to follow certain golden rules to bear in mind for offshore web development work:

  • Registration

  • Quality

  • Cost

  • Delivery

  • Time

  • Project Accuracy

  • Satisfaction


Dhruv Williams, Founder & CEO of Williams Brand Managent (WBM). An Avid Reader of Multi-Cultural Books, Tech & Marketing Gig. You can follow him via Twitter or can connect him on Linkedin

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