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Which are the Easiest sources to generate the leads online?

Today, Majority of the youngsters routing to online business face a huge problem when it comes to generating the revenue. Almost 75% of online entrepreneurship fails due to several faulty reasons where quality lead generation is a key. With whooping increase in online business in these recent years, it is very much difficult for a company to find the quality leads online. However in a certain case many online media & FOREX turnkey provider helps such kind of business to generate leads in several ways such as:

Source: WBM Research Team

The Above mentioned ways are considered to pure form of generating quality leads online:

- SEO:

The Common abbreviation of SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to a kind of activity hat increase the ranking and visibility of your website mostly used for generating the organic traffic. The SEO is mostly target in different search areas such as image search, video search and other related files. On the latest development, the search engines have begun in mobile media space too.

- Google Ad Words:

It is a type of online marketing service developed by Google whereby your websites pages are shown to target audience in the form of advertisement. One of the most unique features of Google Ad words is it does not the target the same IP address twice. It offers the several other services such as:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • Cost per Advertisement (CPA)

  • Cost per Mile (CPM)

Another controversial reason is that the Several Keywords are strictly prohibited in several countries that have cause a legal action against the company. That has caused severe damage to the property and cost factor of a firm.

- On page SEO / Off-Page SEO:

Search Engine optimization uses a certain kind of algorithmic tool. Hence in general terms, SEO is the vast concept. There are basically two parts in the SEO i.e:

  • On-Page SEO:

When it comes to On-page SEO, there are several things that are included such as: Meta Optimization, Titles (Description), H-Tag optimization, Image optimization, Sitemap, Robots.txt, Responsive Design, Page Load time optimization, etc. this several tools actually makes your full on-page SEO setup

  • Off-Page SEO:

While running a total SEO Campaign setup another most important thing of SEO is off page setup which includes Local / General Directory, Classified, Web 2.0, infographics, Article and Video submission, Forum posting, blogging, profile creation, etc. this gives the boost to your SEO.

- Landing Pages:

One of the major lead generation sources is designing attractive & meaningful landing pages that acts as a channelize to generate the lead source. Landing page is a kind of single form of web page that serves the purpose of lead generation that includes the phone number, email and other contact details.

- Pay Per Click (PPC):

PPC stands to be another important component for lead generation in which the visitors are redirected to their landing page or their website. It acts as a cheapest source to promote your business online. To have more conversion rate for your PPC campaign, it is always advisable to have an attractive landing page that shows the level of marketing and promotional budget

- Social Media Campaign:

Whether you agree or not, but some or the other ways people are involved in social media. There are many online & creative businesses that actually operate based on your social media profile. After a success of social media sites such as Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. there are thousands of social media operating in the web world that can actually boost quality traffic to your websites.

Industry Articles:

It is a major kind of Off-Page SEO tool to generate a sense of curiosity among the viewers. The industry based articles are the ones that actually play one of the crucial roles in gather quality traffic. If the viewer is highly attached with your brand then are might be chances of potential lea into successful business conversion.

Reputation Management:

It acts as a kind of online strategy whereby the viewer believes in your firm by testifying the online reviews. In reputation management, we actually restrict the negative comments and try to upgrade your online reputation with more positive comments that helps the viewers to predict the goodwill of your firm in the industry.

Above all you need a very strong marketing to on board the leads and convert into live business. Rest we can say is damn assured…

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